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Job-getting services tailored for your unique situation.  Major focus on the most effective strategies to generate interviews with hiring authorities.  Interview coaching to win offers, and the most effective ways to negotiate the best compensation packages.

Your Dream Job Is Within Your Grasp

Your ideal job is not so far from your grasp, but it's the taking of appropriate measures that will make the difference between a successful career move and having to settle for a mediocre position.

The Hiring Process Today

The hiring process today is mostly about elimination, not selection.  That's why you should not allow anyone to decide your fate (e.g. HR, recruiters) except hiring authorities.

Resume Jail

Age, education, unemployment, underemployment, self-employment, 

short tenures in prior jobs, no, not enough or too much experience in their industry are typical reasons why most resumes are screened out.

Companies get flooded with resumes and it only takes a few seconds for HR to screen each one,

The #1 Job Hunting Problem

How to get interviews with someone that can hire you is the hardest and most critical challenge that most job hunters face.

Savvy hiring authorities want team members who have:

  1. High level of integrity.
  2. High level of competence.
  3. Personality that wears well over time.

Your Most Important Qualification

Your most important qualification is your capabilities to help the hiring authority reach their business financial goals faster.

Most hiring authorities will not be overly concerned about minor issues if they believe that you can help them reach their business goals faster.

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